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3 års GRATIS webhosting!
med en hjemmeside fra MicCo WebDesign

Tilbudet indeholder følgende:

  • 3 års Webhotel Mini hos (Værdi: kr. 324,-)
  • 1 stk. GuppY CMS baseret hjemmeside (*Værdi: kr. 4.995,-)
  • 1 stk. Tilretning af standard skin for GuppY CMS (*Værdi: kr. 1.500,-)
  • 1. års WebMaster Aftale type C (*Værdi: kr. 6.495,-)

* alle priser er eksklusiv moms 25%

Pakke pris Kr.: 16.642,50 inklusiv moms 25%

TILBUDS PRIS - Kr.: 7.995,- inklusiv moms 25%

Du spare ca. 52%

Bestil her!

SPAR 100,- kroner

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Latest Elxis extensions

Elxis Downloads Center - Download free extensions, templates, and updates for Elxis CMS 4.x and 5.x

Vertical basket 

Vertical basket Vertical Basket module for component Open Shop displays products added in basket.
Vertical basket module for component Open Shop displays the products added in cart. It uses AJAX on both cart item removal and addition actions so it displays the actual cart contents any time, without the need to refresh the page. By default the module is been displayed minimized showing only the cart summary. When clicked it expands its height revealing the cart contents. Vertical basket module requires Open Shop v3.4 or newer.

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(20/12/2022 @ 18:17)

Our services 

Our services Display site services or features
Display up to 8 site services, features, or anything else you think it might fits. For each of these services you can pick an icon, write a title, a text and provide a link. Ideal to be displayed in site front-page.

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(10/10/2022 @ 21:13)

Figure Mediabox 

Figure Mediabox Add images and galleries in articles with mediabox
By Figure Mediabox plugin for Elxis 5.x you can display into articles images (jpg, jpeg, png, gif) in the same style as the main image of an article. Is noted that the images of the same article which they have the same data-mediabox appear as gallery. You can select among 5 different styles of size and image position (Medium image left, Medium image right, Large image top, Large image left, Large image right).

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(19/07/2022 @ 18:55)

Slick slider 

Slick slider Slide hotels, articles, cars, products and custom content using the Slick Slider.
Module Slick Slider is an horizontal slider which can slider content from right to left, or the opposite. The module has built-in integration for sliding: 1. Content articles, 2. IOS Hotels v2 hotels, 3. IOS Hotels v3 hotels, 4. IOS Rentals vehicles models, 5. Open Shop products and 6. custom content. Also by default the module slides demo content in order to see how it looks directly after the initial installation. Available configuration options: auto-play, show navigation arrows, show navigation dots, number of slides to display per time (1 to 4). Other configuration options: Number of items to slide (1 to 20), styling colour, maximum item description characters to display, image ratio (2:1, 16:9, 4:3, original). The module is responsive and uses jQuery. Depending to the selected source the module may display different additional information, like price, location, rating stars, reviews, vehicle features, category, etc. When the source is set to custom You can freely add up to 6 custom items and for each one provide its title, description, image, link and price. The module developed after a request of Jorge Nunes. More integrations and customization can be performed after request. In this case contact Ioannis Sannos (

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(13/06/2022 @ 17:44)

Milestone Counter 

Milestone Counter Milestone Counter is an eye-catching module that can display up to 8 dynamic counters.
Milestone Counter is an eye-catching module that can display up to 8 dynamic counters. When the user scrolls the windows down to the position the module is been displayed the module starts counting from 0 up to a maximum number. You can manually set this number or let the module count automatically by selecting one of the 20 supported integrations. Among others, the module supports counting articles, users, categories, open shop products, download files, IOS Rentals vehicles, IOS Hotels rooms, IOS AERO booking items, Bubbles forum posts, Newsletter subscribers, Mikro posts, and more. You can display several instances of the module in the same page. There are options for text, icon and background colours, a DEMO mode, and a mode especially for site for which this module was initially created. The module was fully developed by Ioannis Sannos and does not use any external libraries. The use of native JS and CSS, along with the smart internal data caching system, makes it extremely fast. The technology behind this module is a piece of art. Even if you display this module multiple times the first instance initiates all the others too which leads to great speed improvements.

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(20/04/2022 @ 20:07)

Newsletter Popup 

Newsletter Popup Displays a popup window that prompts site guest to subscribe in mailing list
This super cool module is a MUST HAVE one for any commerce, business, booking, or other site. Newsletter PopUP displays a modal window and asks the site guest to subscribe in site mailing list. It can be integrated with module Newsletter, Open Shop, IOS Hotels, IOS Rentals, IOS AERO, or can work as a standalone module. When integrated with module Newsletter it adds guests email address in newsletter list. When integrated with Open Shop or an IOS Reservations booking extension it can generate discount coupon upon successful guest subscription. The module also has an option to send via e-mail the actions taken to the guest and to site administrator. The module is fully configurable which includes the displayed image and the texts shown, as well as the option to generate the texts automatically. Finally, it is compatible to the site privacy settings. Usage instructions: Publish it in any position and dont display the module title. Note that the popup window is been displayed in site frontpage only.

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(15/01/2022 @ 18:35)

Bubbles latest posts 

Bubbles latest posts Displays latest posts or topics on component Bubbles.
Displays latest posts or topics submitted in component Bubbles. Other options: Select number of topics/posts to display, show/hide post icon, author, and date. And finally an option to display a bottom link to Bubbles frontpage.

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(02/12/2021 @ 21:02)


Bubbles A mini forum component for Elxis
Bubbles is a mini forum component for Elxis which you can also use as a FAQ tool, to provide support, as a communication gateway between your site members and visitors and for any other purpose you may find it useful. The access is configurable via parameters and you can even enable guests submitting new topics and post replies. For non logged-in users (guests) Bubbles uses an additional verification step to validate guest e-mail (via a unique verification code). You can also generate private topics and limit the access to them to specific users, or specific user group, or a minimum access level. When adding or editing topics and posts you write your message in a WYSIWYG BBCode editor easy to use and mobile friendly. You can attach files to your posts and even remote images (configurable) and YouTube videos. Other supported features: Lock/Unlock topic, smileys, RTL language, mobile friendly, IP tracking for visitors, counter for replies and users posts, tags, author posts, search (for tags or in title), posts editing, auto gallery generation, post icons, and more. Although Bubble is a mini forum it has many features of a full-featured one! Version 2.1 Added Chinese language (thanks to Chong-Bing Liu) and fixed correct ordering in search results page.

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(28/11/2021 @ 17:19)


Empty A template that forces Elxis to display nothing!
Template Empty forces Elxis to display nothing else except your site name, an optional subtitle/slogan and an optional copyright text. The template is useful to sites that uses Elxis as a platform for private systems such as IOS Hotels, IOS Rentals and IOS AERO. Also can be used as a temporary or permanent solution in cases you dont want to reveal your site contents to the public without turning the site offline. The template has an option to display empty the inner.php page too (popup windows, ajax requests, special control panels, etc). This option by default is No. If you set it to Yes then nothing will be displayed in frontend, not even private control panels like the ones IOS Reservations uses. Note that displaying nothing doesnt mean that the requests towards components dont get executed (eg with direct URL calls). They are executed as usual but you dont see the result (the generated HTML). If you want to lock your Elxis frontend section then better turn the site offline. The template comes in 9 different colour variations. Tips for permanent use: Un-publish all menu items except Home. Un-publish all categories/articles except of 1 article. Version 1.1: Option to display a logo image instead of title/subtitle. The template now is also used in offline pages (site offline, online only for users or administrators).

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(13/05/2021 @ 19:54)

IOS Hotels API Client 

IOS Hotels API Client Display hotel booking form and accept reservations via XML/JSON API.
The plugin displays a booking form and guests can search for available hotel rooms. It also shows search results, handles the booking process as well as the payments. IOS Hotels API Client plugin connects via an XML/JSON API connection to IOS Hotels and exchanges data with it. The plugin is part of IOS Hotels package and except Elxis, is also available for Wordpress and PHP sites. Visit the demo site and site for more information.

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(12/04/2021 @ 19:45)

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